Hollywood: Love Reconnected
Kate Masters was working hard​ to keep her past from catching up to her, until one day, it did.  She had no idea what she was missing until her childhood best friend, Hollywood megastar Jackson Jacobs, reappeared in her life.  After a seven year hiatus, can these two rekindle the friendship they once treasured?  Kate finds out that sometimes what you've been searching for has been right in front of you all along. 
This love story is one that will capture your heart.
Hollywood: Love Ignited

Reclusive therapist to the stars, Ella Lindsey thought she had it all: peace, quiet, a successful career and most importantly, safety.  She thought things were as good as they were going to get until Hollywood bad boy Nathan Bradley was sentenced to ninety days of therapy at the posh treatment facility. 

When Nate pushes Ella to her limits, she is forced to make choices she never thought she would have to make both personally and professionally.  Meanwhile, danger is lurking just outside her gate. 

Ella and Nate ignite the pages of this book with sheer passion.

Coming Soon! 

Hollywood: Love United
Songstress Roxy Royce meets soldier Blake while doing a 
benefit concert overseas. The chemistry is so strong, what was meant to be one night turns into something spectacular.

Do No Harm
Dr. Aubrey Drake Volume 1
Fresh out of med school, Dr. Aubrey Drake heads to the big city to practice emergency medicine. When the horrors of the city's worst crimes lay before her, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Vengeance has never been so precise.
In Harm's Way
Dr. Aubrey Drake Volume 2
After the trauma she endured on her quest for vengeance, Aubrey decides a fresh start is in order. When she opens a concierge clinic in Atlantic City, she thinks she's safe. That is until she meets a mysterious stranger, Evan.
When she finds out about his ties to the mob and a human trafficking ring, things come full circle for Aubrey. She can't escape her need to protect the innocent...even if it cost her everything.
A Matter of Heart

For most, college graduation is the gateway to adulthood. For Kalli Lexington, it’s just another reminder that she has no idea what she wants to do with her life. With her graduation rapidly approaching, she withdraws more and more from the outside world.

Until a mysterious stranger literally falls at her feet.

Andrew Banks has more secrets than truths. He’s been given an amazing gift that came at an unimaginable price. He’s all but given up on everything and everyone when he meets Kalli. Even though he knows he shouldn’t get close to her, he can’t seem to stay away from her, either.

A Matter of Heart is a story about learning to love yourself, finding your place in the world, and coming to terms with a great gift when you feel unworthy.  Sometimes it takes a person as lost as you to find your own way.

Reviewers are raving, "This book touched every emotion!" 

Mystic Luck: Healer's Kiss
In "Healer's Kiss" the tale of two intertwining fates unfold in a magical town. This is a five book box set, each by a different author, about five witches, magic, and a touch of love. 
Mystic Kiss: Love Enchanted
Enchantress, Darcy Augustine, is a baker by day and and fate changer by night. Because of a family curse, she feels as though she's doomed to a life without love until a mysterious stranger comes to town. He's not alone. Witch hunters are also lurking. Darcy must decide whether to take a risk for love or save her kind from the hunters. Can she do both before Midnight on Valentine's Day? That's her deadline for true love's kiss. 
Love Enchanted is one of five books by five authors in the Mystic Kiss Box Set. Get yours today on Amazon!


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